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Migrating your organisation to Windows 10
Move your users seamlessly

Migrating your organisation to Windows 10 from previous versions can be a real challenge. Ensuring your desktop management is secure and controlled across your business at all times as well as moving users seamlessly takes expertise and knowledge.

Technology is moving fast and the hardware limitations of working with previous versions of Windows means your organisation will need to look to upgrade soon:

  • Support for previous versions fast coming to an end, specifically Windows 7 support ends 14th January 2020
  • Many of the latest devices don’t support older versions of Windows
  • You need to give your staff access to the latest secure software on whatever device they are using to mitigate any security risks such as phishing and cyber-attacks, internal data leaks and hacking threats

Future proofing with Windows 10

Windows 10 works in a much more adaptable way for businesses of today, enabling you to future proof and reduce the risk of constant cyber threats. As with your mobile phone, where features and updates are continually fed and applied to your device, the same approach has been applied to Windows 10.

With Windows 10 you benefit from all the latest security features that are built into the latest hardware devices, adaptability and enhanced productivity to enable the performance you need. Businesses are provided with the opportunity to take full advantage of Office 365 and securely start their journey to the cloud.

Our approach

We’ll help you explore the rich features of Windows 10 by having a discovery period where information capture will define your needs, understand migration costs, define your approach and help you put together a comprehensive migration plan with our proof of concept and pilot workshop programmes.

Whether you plan to start afresh with Windows 10 or need to move over settings from previous versions, we will help you modernise your approach to IT and drive your project forward.

Our method includes:

  • Explore Windows 10 and what it means for your financial services business
  • Understand your security policies
  • Comprehensive understanding of migration costs
  • Scope out migration plan
  • Build proof of concept with live working demonstrations
  • Scale our migration programme

Our services

Our 4 pillars for a complete choice of managed IT services - all tailored to the needs of financial services firms in London and the UK.

Finance Forward 365 - Microsoft 365 cloud services supported by experts

Finance Forward 365

Microsoft modern workplace & cloud technology for digital transformation.

Compliant Teams -  Microsoft Teams phone system with call recording and archiving

Compliant Teams

Increased productivity & collaboration with call recording whilst reducing costs.
Cyber security solutions for financial services

Cyber Security

Keep your data secured against rapidly changing threats within Financial Services.

Responsive IT managed services for financial services

Power BI

Business Intelligence transformation and support tailored for Financial Services.

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