White Glove Service

Combine the full-scale power of the
cloud with a white glove managed service
for Financial Services.

A partnership that delivers

The ultimate managed service tailored for the financial industry.

The public cloud is transforming the expectations firms have on their managed IT service provider.

The benefits of cloud are clear: the latest, mobile workplace technology, on demand access, collaboration tools and a hyper-scale environment to host business critical applications. It happens in real time without the need for huge capital outlay or commitment.


For years mid-market financial firms have had to work with large managed service providers to gain access to their economies of scale, data centre capacity and continuity but this has often come at the expense of quality and level of personal service which boutique financial firms need.

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No need to

The massive growth in public cloud has changed everything, with an increasing number of applications now delivered software as a service (SaaS) or are hosted within the public cloud. Firms no longer need to compromise.

They can select a specialist, local managed service provider on the quality of their service rather than on the size of their cloud.

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Financial Services
cloud specialist

To be able to deliver the latest modern workplace technology, you need cloud services which are delivered by an MSP that knows and understands the intricacies of the Financial Services world as well as the cloud.

Lanware’s Finance Forward 365 Service provides an all-encompassing managed service for the latest modern workplace technology, collaboration, cloud infrastructure and security along with a strategic relationship with a specialist in Financial Services customers.

Migrating to the cloud or managing a hybrid solution
needs careful attention.

Partnering with Lanware you will have the assurance of 20 years’ experience in the financial sector so that you can focus on what matters – your business. Talk to our consultants about your service level requirements as you journey to the cloud.

Who we help

  • Established Financial Services firms looking to transform their end user technology and infrastructure and move to a higher quality “white glove” service
  • Finance industry start-ups needing immediate access to the latest business critical technology to reduce time to market whilst meeting compliance requirements as they gain regulatory approval
  • Firms developing FinTech applications that need an agile and robust internal IT service for their workplace technology and a partner that can help them focus on software delivery

How we help

Lanware’s Finance Forward 365 provides an exceptional end-user experience. It is founded on:

  • An in-depth understanding of financial services firms and its ecosystem
  • A history of long-term successful relationships within the sector
  • The latest modern workplace, collaboration and cloud technology
  • Highly responsive service desk tailored to the needs of mid-sized financial firms
  • Global standards in Cyber Security

How you can benefit


A packaged solution

The latest end user technology through to the cloud infrastructure in an end-to-end managed solution

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A capital expenditure model for technology that is scalable to your future needs


Cost reduction

Transition to more cost-effective consumption-based IT costs


The right talent

Always access to the right certified skills and expertise


Hybrid model option

Have the flexibility to maintain your own IT assets on premise if you prefer


Personal service

A level of personal service and focus on your business without data centre scale being an issue


Industry expertise

A tech partner with intimate understanding of your business needs and industry challenges that will add value to your business, as well as improve and streamline processes

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