How Microsoft Power Automate is transforming financial services

Learn how easily you can streamline workflows, automate processes and improve data accuracy to help your financial services business thrive.

Microsoft Power Automate webinar for Financial Services

About the webinar


Recorded live on 5 July 2023
45 minutes

Financial services businesses deal with high volumes of manual, repetitive tasks which use up valuable resources, often working with multiple systems making it difficult to track and monitor workflows in real time. These incumbent processes can lead to inefficiencies and errors, as well as make it difficult to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Historically, automating and streamlining processes was expensive and needed to be carried out by experts, but this has all changed with Microsoft Power Automate. This innovative cloud-based service empowers users without programming experience to create automated workflows across multiple applications and services using low-code, drag-and-drop tools, to increase productivity.

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Webinar details

power automate logoIndustry expert Lanware is hosting a webinar to show you the benefits of Microsoft Power Automate and how it has helped our customers transform their own processes.

In particular, you will learn:

  • The key features of Power Automate.
  • How Power Automate has helped our own customers.
  • A live demo of Power Automate showcasing compliance and business automation in financial services.

Register today and let Lanware show you how simple and cost-effective it is to use Microsoft Power Automate to make your business more efficient.


    Dan 0'Hara

    Dan 0'Hara

    Chief Technology Officer, Lanware

    As the CTO of Lanware, Dan brings over a decade of experience in the design and delivery of IT technology, helping organisations to leverage the power of the cloud to drive innovation and growth.

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