How to protect your senior and VIP staff from targeted cyber-attacks

Find out how you can leverage cyber intelligence expertise to protect your key corporate executives and their families from distressing, disruptive and expensive cyber-attacks.

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About the webinar


Recorded live on 29 August 2023
35 minutes

Due to the success of robust cyber security technologies protecting financial services companies, cyber-attackers are now changing tactics and are using social engineering techniques to attack individuals instead.

With 80% of cyber-attacks now targeted at people, criminals are focusing on high net worth individuals who may have compromised themselves due to social media misuse, weak passwords or low awareness of possible attacks. This is having a major impact not only for the individual, but also companies due to a possible breakdown in trust, potential negative PR and a reputation of weak security which could fuel copycat attacks.

However, individuals can now be protected from being a victim of fraud by using the latest personal cyber security software that helps analyse the threat landscape and gives valuable insight to ensure the appropriate defensive measures can be implemented.

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individual protect

Webinar details

Industry expert Lanware is hosting a webinar where we will be showing you the latest software that provides personal cyber security to your high-value people and reduces the risk of disruption due to a cyber-attack.

In particular, you will learn:

  • What the current cyber-risks are for high-value individuals.
  • How the latest technology can provide them with corporate-grade security.
  • A demonstration of how “Personal Cyber Assessment” collates data across the internet and how it could be used by cybercriminals.

Don’t wait until your security has been breached. Register today and let Lanware show you how individuals can secure their personal data and get peace of mind for themselves and their families.


    Oliver Kersh

    Oliver Kersh

    Managing Director, Finch Cyber

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