An Introduction to Microsoft Power BI for Financial Services

Learn how you can transform your financial services business with Microsoft Power BI by connecting multiple data sources to get a deeper insight of your critical business information.

About the webinar


Recording live on 5 August 2021
41 minutes

The Challenge

Access to accurate, real-time data and analytics is crucial to help mid-market Financial Services companies make the right decisions.


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However, the industry is currently heavily information intensive, with firms having to deploy different third-party software which makes extracting data limiting and the ability to consolidate reports difficult.

But things are changing. Microsoft Power BI is transforming the way financial services can visualise business data using powerful analytical and visual reporting capabilities.

Our Webinar

Lanware is providing a webinar to highlight the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Power BI.

Sharing over 20 years of industry experience, Lanware shows how Microsoft Power BI could transform your financial services business by giving you a clearer and accurate picture of your business data.

Our step by step guide includes:

  • An introduction to Microsoft Power BI
  • Common data challenges faced by the Financial Services industry
  • A Live Demo focused on mid-market financial services

Register for our webinar now and let Lanware show you how Microsoft Power BI can give you the latest analytics to support your decision-making.


Matt Davies

Power BI Specialist, Lanware

Over 7 years management consulting experience, specialising in Data Analytics, Financial Analysis and Project Management with Financial Services clients.

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