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Mid-market Financial Services will always be a softer target for cyber criminals than institutions

The Financial Service industry is targeted more than any other industry for cyber-attacks and is also playing catch-up adopting digital transformation and the public cloud. The transformational shift to remote work as a result of the pandemic is opening up financial firms to further risks as their applications, users and data moves outside the traditional secure perimeter.

But maintaining information security in financial services isn’t just about protecting your business from these risks. Regulatory compliance continues to drive the need to adopt the latest security frameworks, with non-compliance resulting in security risks and financial penalties.

Mid-market financial firms are increasingly looking to their Managed Service Provider (MSP) not just to provide technical layers of security, but become their outsourced security organisation, providing a comprehensive set of security services and advice. Unlike Lanware, the vast majority of MSPs do not have critical in-house capabilities such as a security operation centre (SOC) and rely on third parties.


Up to 88% of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months

One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 second

One in every 3,722 emails in the UK is a phishing attempt


Financial Services receive more phishing emails than any other industry, with 35% of the attacks in 2021

Outsource your user and information security with confidence with a team you can trust

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Do you have a robust security operation that detects, responds and recover for cyber incidents? Lanware’s dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) with 24/7 monitoring of all security controls and threat landscape, helps financial services firms remain secure. It includes automated vulnerability management and impact assessment on threats or vulnerabilities against each customer’s environment.

Virtual CISO & Reporting

Is it difficult for your business to understand your security posture? We provide a dedicated consultant who will act as a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), providing quarterly security reviews for complete transparency. This includes a dashboard detailing the performance of the security controls, trend analysis, incidents and risks and provides executive-level summaries of quarterly events.

Penetration Testing

How do you know if you have the right security measures to withstand cyber-attacks? Using automated AI-based tooling we can carry out a proactive attack of your IT assets with the intention of exploiting real vulnerabilities using the same tools and techniques that an adversary might use. This provides valuable insight into possible outcomes and ensures the best security measures are in place.

Advanced AI Breach Detection

Do you have access to the latest AI technologies to detect breaches in your security? The Darktrace platform provides industry-leading AI-based behavioural monitoring and breach detection. The system builds a model of what is “normal” for the network and generates alerts when deviations occur. These are monitored as part of ongoing Cyber reporting and security incident management.

Data Security Compliance

Reduce attack surface risks by monitoring security permissions and deviations from agreed security baseline standards as well as enabling IT Audit to understand the level of compliance.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Multiple areas of security are covered, including visibility into cloud app use, monitoring user activities for anomalous behaviours and controlling access to your resources. It also provides the ability to classify and prevent sensitive information leaks, protect against malicious actors, and assess the compliance of cloud services.

Dark Web Monitoring & Brand Protection

Monitoring multiple data breaches for all your business users’ accounts means you can be alerted if business data or personal details have been compromised in any way. In addition, your online digital assets such as domain names are protected from impersonation or cloning attacks.

Advisory Governance, Risk & Compliance

Have you got expert support to achieve your governance, risk and compliance strategy? We support customers to develop cyber governance plans, third-party certifications (e.g. Cyber Essentials), as well as an end-to-end security review with recommendations for improvement. Our programme also includes security awareness training and cyber resilience exercises based on the main cyber threats.

Benefits to Financial Services

MSP and SOC in one

Mid-market financial firms are increasingly looking to their Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to not only manage their IT but also provide end-to-end security, without the need to use expensive specialist third-party security providers. At Lanware you get everything in one place, fully managed IT plus a sophisticated security operation centre (SOC) which will monitor and mitigate cyber threats around the clock.

Tailored to Financial Services

Lanware has developed a set of security services tailored completely to mid-market financial services firms, making them feel they have a sense of belonging and safety, particularly in the public cloud. Our goal is to put security in the context of industry peers, so you know how your security posture compares to others within your space and makes sure you’re focusing on the right areas and keeping up with the competition.

Ongoing advisory

Mid-market financial firms not only receive great operational security but also receive ongoing advice and support. This can assist with their own internal security policies and procedures all the way through to helping achieve third party certifications such as Cyber Essentials.

As a CIO, you need confidence in the technology solutions that you provide to your users. The high-quality workplace solution Lanware has delivered meets this rigorous requirement and is secure, robust and feature-rich.

Jeremy Norwood

CIO, Skytra

Why partner with us?

As a trusted partner serving the technology needs of mid-market financial services clients for over two decades, we understand the importance and complexity of information security and cyber threats in the finance sector. Through our proactive managed services and around-the-clock security monitoring, we can detect vulnerabilities and suspicious behaviour and quickly take action to reduce the chances of your business being compromised. We also provide services to keep your users fully trained on the ever-changing threat landscape.

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Maintaining enterprise-grade security for your data, applications and devices can be challenging without security expertise in-house. Speak to our specialists and let us help you understand where your vulnerabilities lie and how to safeguard your business.

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