Unlock the potential with Microsoft Power Platform

Visualise data to get meaningful insights and improve customer interaction

MS power platform
MS power platform

Solve real business problems rapidly and cost-effectively

The financial services sector is moving fast – and staying ahead means continually innovating with technology. To enhance business agility, organisations will need to improve processes, gain better insights and simplify application development, while reducing costs.

Until recently specialist resources were required for application development, or if non-IT employees did build apps or solutions, they would typically be stand-alone and not widely shared. But the evolution in capabilities and offerings is allowing firms to accelerate application development with low-code and no-code app creations.

So now everyone regardless of skill level has the power to automate processes and tasks, connect and bring data together into end-to-end solutions to deliver visibility, insight and control in a single source of truth.

Create more for less as you streamline business processes and reduce costs

Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low-code tools and services that helps you improve business processes, systems and workflows. With the platform you can quickly and easily create custom apps, automate processes and extend Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure, empowering your people to innovate collaboratively.

Unlock the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure, without the cost and complexity

Power apps

Power Apps

Are you looking to reduce your development costs while being able to rapidly build and connect apps? Powered by Microsoft, we’ll provide a modern, scalable platform that lets you build apps faster using low-code development tools with Finance Forward 365 Power Apps.

Whether you’re looking to create custom apps to run your business process such as invoicing, timesheets or policy management, low-code Microsoft Power Apps are built for self-service and help you solve your toughest business challenges.

Using prebuilt templates and simplified drag-and-drop tools, deployment is quick and connectivity to your proprietary systems seamless. Power Apps also give your more professional developers the power to enable extensibility.

Power BI

Power BI

Do you need access to better, real-time business intelligence to support fast and confident decision-making? Finance Forward 365 Power BI is a fully managed business intelligence platform powered by Microsoft Power BI and designed specifically for financial services organisations.

It gives you powerful tools for extracting data from multiple sources and generates and consolidates reporting so you get a clearer picture of your critical business information and can take the right actions.

Power automate

Power Automate

Would you like to create more time for what’s important by reducing repetitive tasks? Microsoft Power Platform helps you automate repetitive, mundane tasks and workflows effortlessly. Its cloud-native, highly available architecture provides cost-effective scale throughput, enabling your workforce to manage varying volumes of work, with no limits on concurrent executions.

Our experts take the time to understand your processes and work with you to create a clear vision for success. We will help you transform to be more aligned with your company’s objectives and continue to maintain and support you in accordance with your change management processes.

Power virtual

Power Virtual Agents

Would you like to respond to your customer or employee needs faster and more efficiently? Power Virtual Agents give you a range of user interaction tools to enhance customer or employee conversations at scale.

With our expertise, we can help you quickly create and build chatbots across multiple platforms and integrate your data sources using pre-built Microsoft Power Platform connectors. Secured centrally, our bots have built-in security roles so you can be confident that you’re maintaining compliance governance.

Benefits to Financial Services

Security and governance of low-code technology

Integrate governance into all your low-code or no-code services as you scale and grow, ensuring you maintain the highest levels of security.

Enhanced access to innovative skills

Reduce the reliance purely on professional developers by giving everyone access to the right digital tools to enhance productivity and process efficiency, in a managed and compliant way.

Seamless connectivity

Easily integrate your Power Platform services with your other proprietary solutions including Azure and Microsoft 365 to create seamless connectivity across your organisation.

Analyse data across the business

Consolidate data from multiple sources and discover business insights with real-time data when you need it.

Why partner with Lanware

Why partner with us?

Accelerating application development and reducing costs takes time and effort. You need to be sure you have the best solutions and support in place to drive success. With Lanware, you can be confident in choosing the right partner to help you transform your mid-market Financial Services business securely with the latest in application development while responding to market changes and growing your business.

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