Office & Infrastructure Applications

Put applications in the cloud
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Office & Infrastructure Applications
All your software without the stress.


It doesn’t matter how impressive your hardware is. Your productivity depends on the tools, feeds and applications you use every day. And with Lanware managing them and delivering them as a service, they’re always available and performing at their best.

Lanware can take your first and third party applications and store them centrally in our secure enterprise-grade datacentre. From core services to custom operations software, it’s all available on-demand from anywhere with an internet connection.

And it’s not just availability. Our cloud infrastructure keeps you responsive to change, scaling your user numbers up and down without compromising on performance.

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Every application, everywhere you go

In an attempt to maintain security, many financial services firms are reluctant to deploy applications on a remote server-based model. At best, they provide simple productivity applications like Microsoft Office in the cloud, while keeping critical trading software and core services isolated in-house.

With Lanware, you can maintain your compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, FCA regulations and local laws, while confidently making every application available in the cloud, including:

  • Core infrastructure apps: Including directory, email, file and print services
  • User protection apps: Including anti-virus, encryption and web filtering, all regularly updated with the latest threat data
  • Enterprise mobility services: That let your users work flexibly while you retain control
  • First and third-party apps: From Microsoft Office to your bespoke trading software

So your users aren’t limited to a few pieces of software – they’re empowered with everything they need, wherever they need it to be.

Application management made easy

Often, it’s the spread of first and third party applications that makes management so difficult. There’s a need to audit data as it passes in and out of applications, monitor performance, and apply critical security patches the moment they appear.

With your office and infrastructure applications managed by Lanware, you can:

  • Focus on your core business while we focus on your applications
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest software versions applied automatically to your hosted instance
  • Reduce your costs by eliminating the need for costly in-house hardware and passing management responsibility to an external team
  • Get professional support from the Lanware Service Desk

Our services

Our 4 pillars for a complete choice of managed IT services - all tailored to the needs of financial services firms in London and the UK.

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