Modernise your workplace in financial services

Respond to the needs of the modern workforce with Finance Foward 365 and connect people, systems and operations in new ways

Maintain productivity and collaboration in a hybrid workplace

Once a fixed place tied to a physical location, the modern workplace has become a fluid environment where employees have the ability to access systems, communicate and collaborate effectively, from anywhere. In highly regulated sectors such as financial services, continuing the journey to a new digital world comes with a unique set of challenges. You need to give your workforce the right level of support and access to the applications and collaboration tools they need, while ensuring highly sensitive data is kept secure and compliant.

Empower your workforce to remain productive and secure in the modern workplace

Service Desk

Financial Services businesses need the highest level of white glove support to perform their roles and operate effectively, delivering the very best experience for their users. Find out how to achieve single point of contact for a fast, proactive response.

Microsoft Office 365

Is the modern workplace driving the need for your employees to be able to communicate and collaborate from anywhere on any device without compromising security? Discover our managed services which deliver and secure the full enterprise suite of Microsoft 365 services.

Managed Devices

Does the need to manage different hardware devices (including laptops, mobiles or desktop PCs), both personal and corporate, put a lot of pressure on your existing team? Our end-to-end managed service includes everything you need from configuration and management of the hardware and operating systems to security and support.

Compliant Teams

With remote and hybrid working here to stay, financial services organisations need to empower employees to work together when apart. They need to easily be able to stay compliant with your company policies and regulatory requirements. But how do you achieve this?

Secure Mobility

Is the need to deliver applications securely to mobile users on any device a priority for your business? Our specialist expertise within enterprise mobility management will help you strike the right balance between data security and user experience.

Virtual Desktop

Hybrid working is very much the norm for financial services businesses, so it’s essential that employees are supported and can collaborate and work securely whether they are in the office or on the move. But what does it take to deliver secure and controlled access to core data and applications?

Email Security & Continuity

With the need to communicate and store highly sensitive data daily, it is imperative financial services businesses have a comprehensive email security solution to help protect data, mitigate cyber risk threats and ensure business continuity when compromised.

Benefits to Financial Services

Flexible technology

Leverages Microsoft’s Public Cloud, across the full range of Azure offerings and Office 365 for a global and scalable solution. Our standardised packages can be easily tailored to enable us to deliver the right solution for your business.

Reduce cyber risks

Our specialist team of security experts will proactively monitor your infrastructure and end-user services around the clock, protect you from malware attacks, and back up all your data stored in the cloud.

Increased productivity

Supports remote, office, roaming and hybrid working, multi-channel communication and collaboration on one platform, plus access to high-touch around-the-clock support.

To support our goals, we needed a specialist managed service provider who could help us grow and focus on our core business activities. Lanware will help us to achieve this.

James Weaver

COO, Downing LLP

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Why partner with us?

Choosing the right partner is crucial when it comes to investing in technology that will transform the way you work – not just today – but as your business grows. In Lanware, you’ll find a partner that truly understands the challenges faced by mid-market financial services firms and can ensure speedy and immediate access to the services and expertise you need.

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Implementing digital workplace solutions can be a significant undertaking. Let us help you transform your business with Finance Forward 365.

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