Transform your infrastructure with Finance Forward 365

Achieve greater performance, higher efficiency and increased resilience

Reap the benefits of the public cloud without compromising security and compliance

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, and security threats are ever-increasing, mid-market financial organisations need a secure, reliable, scalable and compliant infrastructure. Historically firms had to invest in costly on-premises infrastructure that were slow to deploy, inflexible and resource intensive to maintain. The public cloud has now come of age with more and more financial services organisations, both large and small moving from internally owned and managed infrastructure to the public cloud as their primary delivering model for all their IT. With automatically updating technology, flexibility, advanced security controls, operational resiliency and increasing regulatory compliance, the business case is clear.

Unlock the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure, without the cost and complexity

Public Cloud Infrastructure

Are you looking for the ultimate flexibility and scalability when it comes to hosting your applications and storing your data? Our cloud technology experts will design, deploy, manage and secure workloads to host your business-critical applications within Microsoft’s Public Cloud, Azure. With our expertise it can transform how mid-market financial institutions operate.

Cloud Back-up and Restore

Is the availability of your data and applications holding you back from moving to the public cloud? Using public cloud services requires its own set of controls and mitigations against disaster scenarios. The Lanware Finance Forward 365 service ensures all data is redundantly backed up and can be rapidly restored after a system failure, meeting all regulatory requirements and ensuring your business can continue to function in the event something goes wrong.

Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes? Our specialists understand the nuances of security and regulatory compliance in financial services and how to achieve this in the public cloud. We’ll put the measures in place to help prevent data loss and quickly recover system functionality so you can continue to operate in the aftermath of an incident.

Benefits to Financial Services

Reduced operating costs

Eliminate the costs associated with management and maintenance associated with running your own data centre, hardware and software. Only pay for the services you require.

Agility and flexibility

Make changes to cloud services within minutes, scaling up or down according to the changing needs of your business.

The very latest technology

Cloud services are constantly kept up to date so your business is always using the latest technology as providers present new online services.

We have invested much time in strengthening our partner relationship with Lanware, and enjoy working with them at a strategic level.

Steve Allen

IT Manager, Silchester

Why partner with us?

Modernising your IT platforms and infrastructure takes time and resources. It also requires the confidence to know you are getting the best possible solution, service and support available in your sector. At Lanware, we partner with mid-market financial services firms to deliver managed cloud solutions that transform their business securely, and quickly. You’ll get the future-proofed technology and service you need that’s flexible and can grow with your business.

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Building a secure, compliant IT infrastructure in the public cloud isn’t something many financial institutions can afford to undertake alone. Let us take care of your technology while you stay focused on your core business.

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