How Lanware delivers its value to the Financial World

A clearly-defined way of doing business,
delivering the greatest advantages to our clients.


Lanware’s approach is what sets us apart.

We’re focused on providing service, not just the underlying technology. We understand the financial services sector. We consider technology in its strategic business context.

Too often, financial services firms struggle to find the right IT partner and get drawn into managing technology-related issues.

You want to reduce your business risk and dependence on your current IT environment, instead focusing your energy on maximising revenues. You want an IT service that’s always available, providing the flexibility and simplicity to conduct business from anywhere in the world.

You want a trusted advisor to help you navigate the complicated technology landscape – and understand how technology can transform the work you do. That’s why those are the things that we put at the very centre of our approach.

“Lanware think at a different level, where nothing is too complex. Their vision of building a future proof solution was key. We leverage off their creativity to make the complex simple”

Paul Carter, Chief Operating Officer
Sanderson Asset Management

Information Security at the centre of everything we do.

information security

There is nothing more important to Lanware than the security of your data. Like our FCA-regulated clients, we don’t feel that innovation should ever come at the cost of significant risk and exposure.

That’s why we take steps to secure data at every level, using a combination of advanced encryption, strict policies, and constant monitoring.

And you want a trusted advisor to help you navigate the complicated technology landscape – and understand how technology can transform the work you do. So those are the things that we put at the very centre of our approach.

Compliance on a continuous basis.

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When you outsource to Lanware, you never outsource your obligations. It’s your job to stay compliant, and we know how vital that is.

Working exclusively with clients from the financial services sector, our services are all designed to meet FCA regulation on Critical Outsourcing arrangements.

We’ll record every activity, providing you with a complete audit trail. We’ll ensure you retain complete governance, even if users work from around the world. We’ll monitor your business continuity at all times. All with a clearly defined orderly exit plan.

In many cases, our services, infrastructure and policies exceed the standards defined by the FCA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the PCI.

A trusted advisor
that’s always available.

The technology landscape is a difficult one to navigate. When you outsource your IT, you’ll still need access to the sort of expertise you once had in-house.

Lanware is more than a service provider. We’re a partner.

We understand the needs of financial services organisations, and go beyond infrastructure support to act as a trusted advisor to the executive team on service performance, strategic direction, and how technology drives business.

We also guide clients through the technology innovation cycle, ensuring your strategy is current and correctly aligned with your industry.

Whether you’re entering into a new decision-making process, striving for new standards of compliance, or finding new ways to innovate, we’ll be on-hand to share our expertise.

A Service Management Framework that meets the highest standards.

The way services are managed matters. That’s why we focus on client relationships,
underpinning them with a framework built around ITIL best practices.


Our People

  • Customer-focused with strong communication skills.
  • Highly technical and ITIL trained.
  • Continually trained to develop skillsets – and achieve excellent staff retention.

Our Systems

  • Our Gartner quadrant-leading ITSM tool ensures seamless adoption of ITIL processes, along with client dashboards and reports.
  • Proactive monitoring so we can predict faults sooner and respond to incidents faste.

Our Processes

  • Mature adoption of ITIL good practice – so service requests and incidents are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Problem and change management processes ensure underlying issues are identified and dealt with in a controlled manner.
  • Service Level Agreements are worked to and reported on to ensure consistent high performance.

Partners with prestigious reputations.


We can’t deliver high quality services without the support of high-quality partners. That’s why we’re selective with every vendor, working exclusively with market-leaders.

Our partners include Level 3 Communications, HP, VMWare, Citrix, and more. They were all chosen for their ability to deliver on expectations, forming a dependable foundation for the services we provide.