A single unified & compliant communication platform for Financial Services

Remote and co-working are here to stay

Financial Services firms are empowering employees to work together when apart. That means making it easy for them to stay compliant with company policies and regulatory requirements.

Cost pressures are forcing companies to seek solutions that offer the flexibility and scalability needed to maintain productivity securely in offices, homes or shared workspaces. Microsoft (MS) Teams has emerged as the leading collaboration technology.

But to work for financial services there has to be an effortless way to operate securely and effectively in a virtual office environment.

Discover a fully managed, compliant Microsoft Teams solution

Finance Forward 365 – Compliant Teams provides a single, unified platform for communication and collaboration. It comes with sector-specific built-in regulatory compliance, with call recording and management features.

Helping you work together securely when apart.

Who is it for?

Lanware’s solution is tailored for Financial Services companies needing a comprehensive solution to the challenges presented by remote working post Covid-19

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Compare the different Compliant Teams features

What services can be included? Finance Forward 365

Microsoft Teams

Headsets,handsets and other devices

Public Calling

Recording & Compliance enforced and inline with company policy

Lanware Support

Professional Services

Equip your business to operate effectively, securely and in compliance with your regulatory framework

Already using Teams?

Lanware can help you take the technology to a new secure and compliant level that
adapts to the needs of your financial services firm.

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with a Lanware specialist now.

Discover Lanware's Finance Forward 365 Power BI:
Business Intelligence transformation and support tailored for mid-market Financial Services.

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