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Easily and securely access data and applications on any device, from any location

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A superior user experience

Hybrid working is now becoming the norm for financial services businesses, so it is vital that employees are supported and can collaborate and work securely wherever they are, independent of device. Using the cloud-based service Azure Virtual Desktop, Finance Forward 365 Virtual Desktop provides employees with a superior virtualised experience to ensure the best user experience wherever they may be working

The service includes:

Provides secure and controlled access to all data and applications.

Allows employees to use their own devices to connect to their Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and get the same visual experience and tools.

Delivers desktops for Windows 11 and other familiar apps such as Microsoft Office and is quick to deploy or scaled as required.

Provides additional security features covering data loss protection and multi-factor authentication for secure sign-in.

Improves risk management with conditional access controls to business data ensuring financial industry regulation compliance.

Benefits to Financial Services


Traditional desktops are tied to a single computer. That means your users are tied down too. So whether they’re in the office or on the move, by using AVD they can work wherever and whenever they need to.


Virtual Desktops can be scaled up or down on demand. This means whether you’re using it as your primary workspace or just in an ad-hoc fashion for business continuity it will adapt to business need.

Best User Experience

Azure Virtual Desktop is optimised for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft 365 leading to the best collaboration and video call experience.

Minimal Costs

Cloud based on-demand desktops means no need for expensive hardware infrastructure, keeping costs down and only paying for what you actually use.

Providing desktop support and key infrastructure hosting they have been totally dependable, reliant and offer a first-class service.


Remote working doesn’t mean limited access to important data or a compromise in security. Let us help your employees work efficiently and access data securely with Finance Forward 365 Virtual Desktop.

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