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Highly available, secure and compliant public cloud infrastructure with Finance Forward 365

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Fully Managed Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a leading Cloud venue for financial services to host and develop their critical business applications, it provides the ultimate flexibility and scalability however it must be carefully designed, managed and secured. Our fully managed service enables financial firms to take advantage of cloud without the need for any internal expertise and we’ll keep everything secure and available.

Lanware will provision, manage and support the entire Azure Cloud infrastructure.
The service includes:

All the Cloud services needed by your business to support third party applications and workloads

Fully managed, monitored and secured around the clock

Designing and configuring the right level of resilience to deliver the availability SLA’s and mitigate your business continuity risks

Benefits to Financial Services

Fully Managed Service

Our service includes everything from the Microsoft Cloud products, billing, and cost optimisation through to the monitoring, management and security of the entire cloud infrastructure environment. This removes the need for internal “cloud experts”.


Working exclusively with Financial Services, Lanware will ensure your Cloud environment is compliant. This includes the ability to provide audit information, baseline policies, exit plans and compliance controls which help provide the right level of oversight and contingency around your cloud environment.


Microsoft Azure comes with a huge array of different security controls which must be configured to an agreed standard to ensure data is protected in transit and at rest. Security is a shared responsibility model with Microsoft. As far as possible Lanware will take on the responsibility of the end customer to ensure their Cloud infrastructure is secure end to end.

Finding the right technology partner who understands both the specific technical requirements as well as the business and culture of Hedge Funds was of material importance. We could not afford to get this wrong. Lanware was recommended to us by a trusted and experienced operator in the industry who uniquely understands our specific needs and the few providers positioned to deliver a service that allows us to focus on our core business.

Chepstow Lane Capital LLP

Your Azure Cloud Infrastructure needs to be carefully designed, managed and secured at all times. Let us help you by providing the expertise and industry know-how, so you can take advantage of the cloud with confidence.

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