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Microsoft Power Apps
MS Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps makes it easier to build apps using low-code development tools and connect them across the business using multiple data sources.

Accessible to everyone, Power Apps reduces your development costs and enables you to rapidly create solutions for your business and automate your repetitive tasks. From invoicing, timesheets, policy management or internal productivity, powerful apps can be quickly integrated with data from multiple systems, without the need for custom development.

Lanware provisions, manages and supports Power Apps as part of the Microsoft Power Platform.
The Power Apps service covers:

Pre built templates

Pre-built templates and simplified drag-and-drop tools

Seamless connectivity

Seamless connectivity to your proprietary systems

Extensible capability

Extensibility capability for your professional developers

Quick deployment time

Quick deployment

Benefits to Financial Services

Ease of use

Power Apps are designed to be user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for non-developers to create professional-looking apps.


Microsoft Power Apps connects your apps, data and services using connectors all designed to work with the secure, trusted, Microsoft cloud services of Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. This allows users to easily bring together data from various sources and use it in their custom app.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Power Apps can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing users to build apps to further streamline business processes.

Building end-to-end business solutions that are right for your organisation is not always easy. We’ll show you how to build apps, connect data and integrate them with your systems so your technology is inclusive and accessible to all, driving innovation and business success.

Business success

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