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Deliver secure and compliant applications to all user devices with Finance Forward 365

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Secure Mobility across all devices

The rise of mobile working has been mirrored with a rise of high-profile cases of data security breaches. Mobile working is common within the Financial Services sector, however, in this highly regulated industry, it is essential to keep all corporate data protected on any device, whether personal or corporate.

Secure Mobility is a key component of Finance Forward 365. It’s specifically designed to help manage and oversee all your devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, enabling employees to not only get access to resources in a highly secure environment, but also have the right tools to remain efficient.

The service includes:

Enrol corporate and personal devices, encrypting company data stored within a secure area on each device

Deploy standard policies such as device password/pin controls including two factor authentication

Enables remote wipe in the event of a device being stolen or lost

Audit compliance of devices in line with your company policy

Azure Information Protection enables automatic scanning of documents for classification and validation purposes

Containerised data makes it much harder for hackers to attack data

Benefits to Financial Services

Complete Device Management

Microsoft Intune provides full security and device management giving total control over how your mobile devices are used and keeps corporate data secure.

Business and Personal

Whether business or personal devices are being used, Lanware protects your data by controlling which applications and corporate resources can be accessed.


Policies are enforced across all types of devices in line with your company policies, compliance and regulatory requirements. Compliance teams and auditors can receive reports or real-time dashboards into the compliance of their entire device estate.

We have invested much time in strengthening our partner relationship with Lanware, and enjoy working with them at a strategic level.


Financial Services businesses need peace of mind that working from mobile devices doesn’t mean a compromise in data security. Let us help you protect your sensitive information and allow your employees to work efficiently with Finance Forward 365 – Secure Mobility.

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