Proactively manage your network with Finance Forward 365

Securely connect to the cloud and maximise performance of front, middle and back-office applications

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A comprehensive Managed Network Service

Your network is the foundation of your IT. When it underperforms or even worse, goes offline, your most critical operations become impossible as market data and business applications become unavailable. Financial Services organisations must keep critical business functions running at all times with operational resilience high up the regulator’s agenda. To address these challenges Finance Forward 365 Managed Network provides a comprehensive, highly available and resilient service, leaving you to focus on your business.

Lanware will provision, manage and support the entire network infrastructure.
The service includes:

All the network hardware, software and third party connectivity needed by your business is bundled into a single service

Fully managed, monitored and secured around the clock

A resilience and secure network topology designed using Lanware standards

Benefits to Financial Services

Industry Expertise

A trusted financial services expert that will design and deliver your network in line with your industry peers.

24/7 Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring and proactive response mean issues are highlighted and solved before they convert into problems.

Increased Productivity

Outsourcing network management takes the strain off resources and ensures the business can focus on productivity, with a network that can support it.

Network Topology

The highest standards used, covering Office Access, Connection and Wireless, guaranteeing the path to the cloud is never interrupted.

Lanware provides the building blocks using the best platforms, the best network infrastructure and the most creative solutions to get around any potential problems. They give us the confidence and flexibility we need going forward.

Sanderson Asset Management

Financial Services businesses need full visibility of their networks to ensure the continuous running of operations. Let our experience in this industry help you optimise your infrastructure with our 24/7 monitoring and proactive Managed Network service.

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