Managed Devices with Finance Forward 365

Your choice of fully-managed hardware devices to suit the requirements of individual users and the wider business

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Managed Devices to suit you and your business

Many financial firms struggle to get a simple, consistent device build deployed to users across their business leading to a bad user experience and high number of issues. Our Managed Devices service delivers a standardised device configuration to run your business applications.

You have the choice of a number of fully-managed hardware devices including laptops, tablets or desktop PCs to suit both the individual and wider business requirements.

The service includes:

This comprehensive service includes the hardware, operating system, configuration, security and support

Devices are made available and managed to the strict compliance requirements for financial services

Peace of mind, as it removes the pressure of managing the device complexity for your existing internal resources

The end user experience is enhanced as all devices across your organisation are standardised and quick to deploy

Benefits to Financial Services


Devices are selected using a combination of our industry experience, product capability as well as how easy it is to maintain and support. This combined with the typical requirements of different types of financial services users, from high-end traders to standard back-office staff, recommends various managed devices such as laptops and workstations from leading vendors.

Business or Personal

As well as our recommended devices, individual business users can also bring their own personal devices, which can be secured as part of your Bring Your Own Device policy. This provides flexibility without compromising on security and management.


Lanware develops, manages and maintains a standard unified build and package of applications for configuration management, patching and device provisioning. This reduces your costs and increases the end-user experience as all devices are provisioned in the same way.


Lanware will deploy critical security controls on every device to ensure data is encrypted and un-sanctioned apps are not installed. Conditional access policies are put in place to control where, when and how access is granted from different devices and locations.

We find the people at Lanware to be decent people who genuinely care about doing the best for their Clients.

Sanderson Asset Management

A comprehensive managed device service can help you standardise your organisation’s device configuration, ensure all your devices are secure and enhance the end-user experience. With our extensive expertise in Financial Services, let us help you choose the right fully-managed hardware devices that will suit all your business needs.

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