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Maintain Email Security and Continuity

Financial services businesses communicate highly sensitive data via email on a daily basis and so it is imperative to have a comprehensive email security solution to help protect data, mitigate cyber risk threats and ensure continuity of the business when compromised. Using the very latest email security technology, from leading providers such as Mimecast, Finance Forward 365 Email Security and Continuity protects businesses from email-borne threats including spam, malware and phishing and supports email archiving and disaster recovery to meet strict industry compliance.

The service includes:

Blocks the most dangerous email threats including impersonation and ransomware

Offers multi-layer protection against malicious URLs and threats from malware attachments

Prevents internal and external attacks spreading across the organisation

Ensures sensitive information isn’t exposed incorrectly

Provides an integrated solution to protect from web threats

Guarantees critical data isn’t lost and can easily be recovered when required

Benefits to Financial Services

Malware Protection

AI-powered technology gives protection from spam and malicious phishing attacks in real-time by filtering and controlling all external emails and web traffic.

Email Archiving

Safely store identical copies of every email sent or received by users making them easily retrievable. Turn that data into a useful repository for everyday use or critical compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Keep communications going even during Microsoft 365 email service downtime and gain access to emails from any device and anywhere.

Regulatory Compliance

Secure off-site archiving, logging and data retention control for improved regulatory compliance.

As a CIO, you need confidence in the technology solutions that you provide to your users. The high-quality workplace solution Lanware has delivered meets this rigorous requirement and is secure, robust and feature-rich.


Financial Services businesses are under attack daily from email-based threats. Let us help you protect your email communications and eliminate disruption with Finance Forward 365 Email Security and Continuity.

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