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Complete and compliant disaster recovery protection for financial services

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Disaster Recovery and ensure business continuity

FCA regulations require that financial services firms should have an established and tested business continuity plan which enables the business to recover from disasters in a known time frame. With the market moving from on-premise into the public cloud, consuming services such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, many firms have struggled to understand how their disaster recovery responsibilities change.

Finance Forward 365 Disaster Recovery service is designed to help manage the risks around applications hosted within the public cloud, and guarantee business applications can remain available and be restored quickly, preventing data loss in the event that disasters impact their cloud provider.

The service includes:

Ensuring all business applications and workloads are replicated and recoverable between different geographical regions

Providing recovery points and recovery timeframes defined by application criticality

Fully documented annual testing carried out to ensure FCA compliance with a dedicated project manager

Benefits to Financial Services

Comprehensive Service

Everything from managing and maintaining Disaster Recovery systems through to the annual testing and reporting service to meet industry compliance is included in the service.

Tailored Solution

Lanware will work with you to ensure the Disaster Recovery service is designed around the criticality of every individual business application and related processes.


Service levels are provided for recovery point and recovery time frames, which provide guarantees on how long it would take to recover each business application.

Lanware is an organisation made up of very good people who act as a great sounding board for strategic thinking.

Silchester International Investors

Disasters are difficult to predict, but Financial Services businesses can strategically plan for such events. Let us help you to continue to operate in the event of a major disaster with Finance Forward 365 Disaster Recovery.

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