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Containerised data
the secure way forward

The rise of mobile working has been mirrored with a rise of high profile cases of data security breaches;
whether from hacking, theft or accidental loss.


Data security is of particular importance for the Financial Services sector, where adherence to regulatory compliance is of the utmost importance.

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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) offers end-to-end mobile device management whilst containerising the data to deliver a secure and rich end-user experience.


This containerisation makes it much harder for hackers to attack data, as it’s encrypted on the device.


Control and manage corporate resources so there’s no opportunity for data loss; view files on your corporate network through an app, but restrict capability to copy outside of the secure container.

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EMM makes it easier to distinguish defined areas on your device for work life and personal life, creates relevant barriers and offers prevention of data loss.

A tailored solution

As an enterprise mobility management specialist, Lanware delivers the most current, secure and compliant solutions for mobile devices with VMware AirWatch


We take the time to understand each organisations individual security requirements and create a set of tailored controls that are then enforced on each device.


From 10 to 5,000 users, Lanwarecan deploy AirWatch onto laptops and devices that users spend their time on.


Put simply we enable organisations of any size and requirement to improve user mobility without compromising on security.

Why Lanware?

With deep, long-standing expertise in the Financial Service sector, Lanware understand the challenges that our clients face around regulatory compliance and configure specific settings in the AirWatch product to face these challenges head on.

As a certified, Managed Service Provider for VMware Lanware are also able to offer AirWatch on a subscription basis, which is otherwise not available.

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An integrated digital workspace platform.

The most reliable, broadly adopted solution for organisations AirWatch is the next generation, cutting edge solution for unified endpoint management.

It provides unified management of all endpoints across BYOD, corporate-owned and line of business use cases, and allows you to configure devices with email, apps, Wi-Fi, VPN, content, intranet sites and more, all over-the-air.

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