Solving your IT outsourcing challenges

Whatever your goals or challenges,
Lanware is your trusted partner for outsourced IT that can help.

With Lanware you can…


Concentrate on your business while we take care of total technology management

approach business
Achieving your goals means focusing on your core business, not keeping your Financial IT up and running. With Lanware, you can outsource your technology to a single provider that understands your industry.

And we go beyond basic financial technology outsourcing services. In everything you do, we’re your trusted advisor to give you the advantage of our experience and help you reap the benefits of technology that transforms the way you can do business.

So from your office applications to your entire infrastructure, it’s all taken care of.

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Keep your data secured against rapidly changing threats.

You depend on your data, and there’s little more important than keeping it safe.
Unfortunately, the financial services sector remains a constant target for malicious attackers.

Our ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) helps combat increasing cyber threats and strengthens the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We also provide high-visibility, client-specific controls – providing insight into your security status and enabling a proactive security posture.

We utilise a best in class SIEM solution to aggregate and correlate security events from our various top-tier security products (such as Darktrace, Cisco Sourcefire, Trend Micro). Our dedicated security experts monitor your systems closely and are able to respond quickly and effectively to any security threat.

Lanware also provide a number of additional security services to keep your data and vital assets safe from prying eyes.

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security guard

Take advantage of outsourcing
while minimising your risk.

advantage outsourcing
When you outsource with Lanware, you can trust a proven expert in technology to maintain and manage your financial technology infrastructure. That way, you can reduce your management workload, eliminate the need for internal expertise, and lower your costs.

“Simplicity was the key, allowing us to concentrate on the focus of our business, Investment Management. The goal was to outsource everything that wasn’t core to Silchester”

Steve Allen, Chief Technology Officer
Silchester International Investors

Lanware also brings a unique insight into the financial services sector and how outsourcing adds value, leading your organisation to a more efficient future.

Our services are designed to meet FCA regulation on critical outsourcing arrangements – from oversight of Lanware’s financial integrity to business continuity and audit rights. All with a clearly defined exit plan.

Get insight and advice from a team that understands
technology in a financial business context

Technology changes fast. Even when you’re clear on your goals and objectives, it can be hard to understand how technology can turn them into achievements.

Meanwhile, the financial services sector is also moving fast – and keeping up means staying focused on your core business while leveraging technology to drive your growth.

Lanware understands both of these areas. As a result, we can go beyond infrastructure service support to act as a trusted advisor on strategic direction, industry trends and how technology can meet your changing needs.

Unlock new flexibility
using the latest technology.

Working flexibly means remaining responsive to change, scaling operations up and down, and staying connected wherever you go.

With outsourced IT, you can unlock new levels of flexibility. The Lanware Cloud lets your people work from anywhere with an internet connection. Unified Communications seamlessly tie your telephony and IT together.

So your business – not your technology – will always drive your decisions.

Stay protected
with robust disaster recovery.

In the financial services sector, business continuity isn’t just important – it’s mandatory. But achieving true business continuity in-house is costly, time consuming, and requires specialist expertise.

Lanware’s Disaster Recovery service includes full reporting and test cycles, so your operations are online, all the time. And with services accessible in the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection, you can continue working no matter what.

Control your technology spend with clear, predictable costs.

control your spend

Getting the best results from your IT takes a considered, discerning approach. But when you find the perfect hardware, software and infrastructure to support your organisation, it can be difficult to understand its costs. Lanware’s services are all built on best-in-class technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers, developers and service providers. But all you see is a simple, predictable cost paid at regular intervals.

And with all hardware, software and services consolidated under a single provider, it’s possible to lower your total cost of ownership considerably. So you can eliminate capital expense, focus on your core business, and start seeing value sooner.

“We don’t perceive Lanware to be an expensive option. Aerion has got a vastly improved service for, effectively, the same budget. It’s updated, scalable and future proof”.

Susan Cave, Project Manager
Aerion Fund Management

Move into the cloud
with services designed for the financial sector.

Cloud services offer a more flexible, scalable, and powerful way to run your IT. A way of doing things more efficiently, or rethinking them altogether.

But while businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the cloud solutions, the financial services sector requires specialist secure cloud services that don’t compromise their regulatory obligations.

Lanware’s services keep your data in the correct jurisdiction, offer extensive audit rights, and are supported by a clear exit plan.

So you can enter the cloud with complete confidence that you can meet the demands of compliance and FCA regulation.

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