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Microsoft CoPilot FOMO? Then don’t forget AI solution – Bing Chat Enterprise

Written by Lanware

Friday, 24 November, 2023

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With Microsoft CoPilot now being released, but only currently to big enterprise customers, you may be feeling slightly left out. However, Microsoft has released, with little fanfare, Bing Chat Enterprise which is effectively ChatGPT premium but for free and is compliance friendly.

Should I switch from ChatGPT to Bing Chat?

Bing Chat, the consumer version, was released earlier in the year and was the Microsoft-themed ChatGPT that was destined to enhance Bing Search. Available to any user of Bing, Bing Chat was effectively the same underlying AI model that ChatGPT used, but with a wider set of data based on Bing’s existing knowledge of the internet.

With ChatGPT, any text you supplied was for OpenAI to store and then use in whatever way it wanted to. The same applies to Bing Chat with Microsoft. There are numerous stories of employees endlessly uploading sensitive company data with the aim of ChatGPT transforming it into something interesting or useful. This comes with the question of what these companies do with that data, and the simple answer is, we don’t know.

What does Bing Chat Enterprise solve?

With the introduction of Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft has solved some of the challenges that organisations face when using ChatGPT – data compliance.

Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise is a separate version of the Bing Chat consumer version. This means anything you write to it is not retained by Microsoft, nor are the unique responses generated by it. Transmission to and from Bing Chat Enterprise is encrypted and Microsoft is not able to see the communication between you and the AI.

These protections make it ideal for financial services firms who want to be able to leverage these AI tools but do not want to take on the risk of using services like ChatGPT where there are no guarantees on data usage.

Why use Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise over ChatGPT?

Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise is essentially ChatGPT, you chat to it the same way as you do with ChatGPT. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Bing Chat Enterprise said when we asked this very question;

“I am not better or worse than ChatGPT 4, I am just different.”

Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise is included in most Microsoft 365 licenses so there’s nothing more to pay, you get an Enterprise-class AI for no additional cost!

How do you access Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise?

You access Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise in the same way you access the consumer version, so it is critical that it has been setup correctly for you. On a corporate device it is usually preconfigured, but you should be sure you’re on the right version before using it. You can tell if you are using Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise by going to and comparing what you have to the images below;

bing chat
bing chat check

If you see the image on the left, i.e. Bing Chat (all blue), then you should contact your IT service provider to help get Bing Chat Enterprise (all purple) set up for you.

Any updates on Microsoft CoPilot?

Microsoft CoPilot should be widely available soon, we’re guessing that’s not until 2024, but until then Bing Chat Enterprise is your AI fix.

Want access to an Enterprise-class AI solution that is compliant and for no additional cost?

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