Established in 1993, Lanware provides outsourced technology
services that give organisations new ways to focus on their growth
– not the technology that supports it.

For more than a decade, our services have been exclusively focused on the demands of the financial services sector.

Lanware understands cloud technology - but also the regulatory context financial services firms operate in. Our services take away internal management and ownership, without compromising on the service levels, oversight, and flexibility it takes
to manage risk and regulation.

Through this unique focus, Lanware has grown to act as a partner to numerous financial services businesses worldwide
- including fund managers with more than £150 billion of assets under management.

Today, Lanware is:

A trusted advisor, not just providing services but proactively helping organisations understand their technology challenges and developing strategies to overcome them

An industry-focused partner for delivering tailored technology services that drive efficiency and add value

From your infrastructure to your applications, from telephony to strategic consulting, Lanware is a single
source of the services and expertise your organisation requires.

Our People
A team that understands your industry
– and what you need from technology.

At Lanware, we understand your industry, your obligations, and your goals.
And our people have the experience and insight to help you get there.

In our London office and overseas, our team brings together decades of hands-on experience in designing, implementing and managing technology services - from core infrastructure to the applications your users see every day. When you work with Lanware, that expertise becomes your expertise.

Crucially, we recruit people who understand technology in its proper business context.
So it’s less about specifications and functionality, and more about how a service can help you work faster,
more efficiently, or more securely.

"Lanware is an organisation made up of very good people who act as
a great sounding board for strategic thinking"

Steve Allen, Chief Technology Officer
Silchester International Investors

Our Industry
A specialist partner with a focus on financial services.

For more than a decade, we’ve been a specialist partner to the financial services sector. Every one of our clients is FCA-regulated, and that gives us a unique insight into how technology should best support your business.

We understand the scrutiny you face and the demands of regulatory compliance, particularity in the context of outsourcing risk. We understand the need to move faster than your competitors. And we know that succeeding means being able to focus on what you do best, not your IT.

Find out more about how Lanware provides specialist Cloud delivery to Lloyd’s and the London Insurance market meeting FCA outsourcing regulations and a global standard.

With Lanware, you get a partner for trusted advice combined with dependable, compliant and always-available services designed specifically for your industry.

Our Partners
Industry-leading innovators at every level of our infrastructure.

The sort of highly available, highly efficient systems financial services organisations demand can only be built on a solid foundation. That’s why Lanware takes a considered approach to selecting technology partners.

We have developed longstanding relationships with some of the world’s leading technology providers, including HP, VMware, Cisco and Citrix. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is housed in datacentres from Level 3 Communications – used by major organisations including internet service providers.

View our most recent case studies

Our focus is on partners who deliver quality, consistency, and reliability –
so our services can deliver the same to our clients.

Our Customers
A trusted partner to companies from
all areas of financial services.

Our portfolio of clients crosses the entire financial services sector, from fund and asset management
to insurance and payment card providers.

But despite their varied businesses, our clients have a few things in common.

IT is represented at a senior level, part of the strategic agenda. As part of this strategy, clients want to be released from managing technology and focus on their core business activities. And to do that, they need a partnership with an IT provider who can not only deliver service, but work collaboratively at a strategic level. A partner that goes beyond simple services to offer proactive advice and act as a trusted advisor. A partner like Lanware.